About the Mural
How ``Come Together`` Came to Be

Hi, welcome to AlleyArtAZ. “Come Together” is a five panel alley wall mural that is a tribute to Equality, Diversity, Math and Science, and Consciousness. Our alley is rarely accessed, but I felt the need to express my feelings about some of what is important to me as I grow old. There are no political, social, cultural, or economic underpinnings to the work. The mural is simply an expression of my emotions. And those emotions are grounded in my consciousness as an insignificant, but integral, part of our universe. For those who see it, I hope you enjoy it!

Meet John
The Artist
Long distance runner, avid reader, fledgling researcher, beloved husband and uncle, and forward thinker in his early 70’s
John's Story
Meet Mary
The Muse
The love of John’s life, professional scientist, accomplished teacher, beloved mentor, amazing wife.


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